Excerpts From my Book State of the Nation

“3ny3 Hwee“ “IT DOES NOT MATTER”
I grew up hearing that always whenever I complained about anything to my parents or to any adult. They simply paused, listened for a while if at all or waited till i finished my narration and then simply offered these words of consolation. “3ny3 Hwee”. (Meaning: It does not matter or pay it no mind)
Sunday school taught us to be good children, forgive and forget easily and eventually for some of us that quickly became an acceptance to not complain about anything or just accept things just the way they were. It also was a sign of humility to “not complain or object to anything” as long as it was spoken by an adult or any person in authority; it was final.
As we get to explore this book on the state of the nation I will share with you how our way of training has become the bedrock of Ghanaian TIMIDITY and birthed many more crisis for the country.

Chapter 1
MEDIOCRITY as a state of the nation
Whenever you spoke about progress and change, our leaders would smile and say “young man or woman – this was just how things were before you and I were born and shall be till we get old and die.
Over the years “mediocrity” has been accepted as a sign of humility however under the great pastoring of Dr Mensa Otabil, I have come to understand the word of God and to be mediocre is not a virtue of a Christian because God has made us to be great according to his will for His children.
Due to how low the standards are in Ghana it is easy to do things slightly better than another and become the hero. And often that sense of heroism quickly gets into our head so we get hanged in Mediocrity instead of pursuing excellence to become a global asset.
“You May be a Local Guru but a Global Buulu” (buulu means fool). This simply means you’re unable to do great when you’re moved out of your local comfort zone.
We must understand that greatness is universal and recognized anywhere in the world and we must pursue world class greatness but more importantly God’s greatness which is the bedrock of the greatest we can ever be as a nation and as a people.

Chapter 2
CONVENIENCE as a state of the nation
“We will PAY than PRAY” – the story of how the false prophets and the juju men are still in business and growing..

How We Choose to Understand – Matthew 5:30 – Taken Out of Context for Contempt

So yesterday I had a discussion with someone concerning this.
A lot of Christians have stood by the verse that says “And if thy right hand offend thee cut it off and cast it from thee…” And through this verse; they have made up excuses for being unforgiving and not showing mercy. But something was said prior to Matthew 5:30 and through the chapter that is somehow conveniently forgotten or perhaps overlooked by many.

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Are you shy or you have low self esteem?

For the longest while I have tried to convince people around me that I am shy.
In 2003, I was part of the contestants for Miss Malaika and I remember flopping miserably on stage because I didn’t remember what I was supposed to say.
Even though, I had the highest public support at the time, I didn’t believe I had to win. I felt I wasn’t “good enough” and others were better than I was.

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