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Are you shy or you have low self esteem?

For the longest while I have tried to convince people around me that I am shy.
In 2003, I was part of the contestants for Miss Malaika and I remember flopping miserably on stage because I didn’t remember what I was supposed to say.
Even though, I had the highest public support at the time, I didn’t believe I had to win. I felt I wasn’t “good enough” and others were better than I was.

Now this is not “shyness” but it is called a “low self esteem”.
For years, this low self esteem cannibalized itself as “shyness” in my head.
I had a rude awakening one day when I realized what I was doing to myself.
All the while, I had these low self esteem thoughts raging inside my head; everyone else who viewed me from the outside assumed I was great but myself. So then I realized I had to FIX ME
So one particular year, I decided to embark on a “change journey” which involved
Taking my Christian walk more seriously.
Speaking up when I should
Backing all decisions by faith
Moving even when I was afraid
Trusting God to lead me in defining “ME”

But most of all, I simply credit my confidence to the solid foundation I have in Christ.
In his infinite wisdom and assurance, I have no excuse to be anything less than confident and to pursue greatness always.

“My name is Gwen Addo and I am NOT SHY”.

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