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How We Choose to Understand – Matthew 5:30 – Taken Out of Context for Contempt

So yesterday I had a discussion with someone concerning this.
A lot of Christians have stood by the verse that says “And if thy right hand offend thee cut it off and cast it from thee…” And through this verse; they have made up excuses for being unforgiving and not showing mercy. But something was said prior to Matthew 5:30 and through the chapter that is somehow conveniently forgotten or perhaps overlooked by many.

-What Christ basically wanted was for us to become whole in our walk with Christ however he also understands the difficult walk we have as Christians here on earth being surrounded by evil.
Christ knows of our fleshy weaknesses and urges us to try to do away with these things as the seemingly“small weaknesses ” can lead us into destruction.
For example if we know we suffer with an unforgiving spirit, lust for married men or women, fornication, for stealing, for gossiping or a character that heeds our Christian walk; this character becomes our “right hand” ie “the problem” and we must be determined to drive away that which does not make our Christian walk whole and this means “cutting off thy right hand ie bad habit. The bad habit or vice is referred as your “right hand” because it is a part of you that is hard to do away with. According to research about 70-95 percent of human beings are right handed with 5 percent to 30 percent being left handed making most of us right handed. So literally taking off a right hand is doing away with something that is so intrinsically tied to your being and I don’t reckon that will be easy to do. However God urges us to do away with these vices in order to inherit His kingdom.
In that same chapter in verse 38-39- He also speaks about restraining from vengeance even though it is the world standard that you pay people back their evil deeds with an equal portion; As Christians we shall be merciful and give to others goodness even when they are not deserving of it.
The action of giving your ‘other cheek’ after you have been slapped on the other is becoming ‘selfless and a non conformist’ to world standards. This uncharacteristic act confuses your enemies always and scatters their schemes against you.
We know of how hard it is to repay evil with good but it is such a powerful feat to accomplish.
I believe there are many of us Christians who have taken positions that deep down we know is not Christ-like yet we go ahead with ourselves determined to do what we like to believe is the right thing.
You see to be Christian is to exude Christ-like qualities and it is no easy feat.

So dear brothers and sisters let’s stop trying to cannibalize the word of God in a way that benefits our weak flesh but instead become resilient in our Christian walk on earth. Also remember that in our resilience and obedience lays our victory in Christ Jesus.
Let us therefore be merciful to each other in our life walk.

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